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Short Sexy Hair Care Products
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Short Sexy Hair is a sign of the times. It says I'm confident. I'm assured. Passion is my main stay. It's starting to rule the boardroom as well as the bedroom.


Hold Out - Medium Holding Gel
Provides medium hold, alcohol free and will not flake, containes mosturizers and conditioners. To be used on damp or dry hair.
4.4 oz   $15.50Quantity:
Short & Sexy Gel Hard Up  
Short Sexy Hair Short & Sexy Gel Hard Up Extra strong holding gel.
5.1 oz   $16.50Quantity:
Short & Sexy Gel Hard Up  
Short Sexy Hair Short & Sexy Gel Hard Up Extra strong holding gel.
16.9 oz,pump   $33.00Quantity:
What A Body Blow Dry Gel  
What A Body Blow Dry Gel - Ultra bodifying blow dry gel.

6.8 oz   $16.50Quantity:
  Gel Foam
Blow It Up Gel Foam  
Short Sexy Hair Blow It Up Gel Foam has your volume. Apply at the roots and the Blow It Up gel turns into a foam giving support and movevment ot all stylls. Use on damp hair.

5.3 oz   $16.50Quantity:
  Hair Spray

Double Header - Volume and Texturizing Spray
Creates volume when applied at damp roots, then blow dry. Adds texture when applied throughout dry hair. Extremely light-weight. Clean-feeling with no sticky product feel. Use on damp hair or dry hair.
8.5 oz   $19.75Quantity:
Shatter Separate and Hold  
Shatter - Separate and Hold is a firm holding texture spray specifically designed to enhance shattered, jagged and textured hair styles. Unique new spray delivers a very controlled fine mist that goes only where you want it to go. Gives hair extra hold to keep it in place all day. Never overly damp. Spray on damp hair and style with blow dryer or use on dry hair for extra separation and finishing hold.

4.2 oz   $16.50Quantity:
  Shaping Balm
Quick Change Shaping Balm  
Short Sexy Hair Quick Change Shaping Balm, will quick change your hair as often as you can change your mond. During the day, create and maintain your shape for work; and without washing your hair, you can quick change it for the evening, Use on damp or dry hair.

1.7 oz   $15.50Quantity:
Control Maniac Wax  
Short Sexy Hair Control Maniac Wax takes control of your hair. Control Maniac allows you to control any style that you can dream of. Slick back, spikes, conservative, alternative, you name it; this wax will do. Use on dry hair.

1.8 oz   $15.50Quantity:
Frenzy Bulked Up Texture  
Frenzy - bonds to the hair to thicken the hair shaft -- creating fullness and separation at the same time. Frenzy delivers extra holding power to hold styles in place with a medium matte finish. Apply a small amount to dry hair and style. For more intense texture, throw your head upside down and work product vigorously through hair, creating random bits and pieces. Throw your head back over and place chunks where desired.

2.5 oz   $19.75Quantity:
Play Dirty Dry Wax  
Play Dirty Dry Wax - Spray lightly into dry hair for added texture. Medium hold.
4.4 oz   $19.75Quantity:
Rough & Ready Styling Gunk  
Rough & Ready Styling Gunk - Mess into hair for extra dimension with medium hold.
4.4 oz   $17.50Quantity:
Slept In Texturing Creme  
Short Sexy Hair Slept In Texturing Creme creates Ultimate texture. The trendy style of today is the textured, messy, slept in look; and for this, Slept In is the only product you need. Think of this product as giving you Slept In style. Use on damp or dry hair.

5.1 oz   $17.50Quantity:

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